Hey guys,

so you know how we had that transition between scenes 8 and 9. The reason it worked in the storyboards was because we were zoomed into the screen so, the colors and numbers (or whatever) could fill up the screen and allow the transition to the next scene. 

Since we’re zoomed out, we’re getting that fade in fade out thing. And people in class asked if the chick turned into a guy. 

I tried this out (probably wouldn’t fill the screen with pink 😛  … just a test): 



so what do you guys think? 

1) Leave everything on the screen and just have the background transition (like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jd5GKV9_Tw&feature=player_embedded) 

2) Have stuff come out of the screen and fill the screen?

3) Zoom in so the info on the screen can fill the space and ease the transition between chick/dude. 



Let me know what your thoughts are! 🙂


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Hey El and Kevin.  I’ve been trying to fix the flickering glass problem, and may have actually gotten rid of most or all of it.  I didn’t want to mess with the aliasing settings to increase render time, so I just did a lot of experimenting with the texture itself and the actual model of the column.  Here is what I’ve landed on.  I’ll render some of the other scenes that have a moving camera using the new settings to see if the fix works on them to.




I got curious and looks like it happens again.  Same background, different Emily though between what we had in the old render and the new clips.  Nothing should have changed between the two from then and now, just the interface.

I looked at the old and the new postings, and what changes in size is actually emily.  It’s still all the same camera view.  Here is the comparison:


In our old vid, Emily seems to be in proper proportion to the pillar and the rest of the clips.  In the new interface shot, the back ground is the same still, but Emily has decided to have more Mcdonald’s, and doesn’t fit.  So she either got resized somehow, maybe scaled up some by accident or something? cause the background hasn’t changed from then till now.

none of these are done. positions of keep changing as I work on this thing as I try to keep it as consistent as possible. The main problem is that the pillar changes in size from scene to scene. Although not immediately noticeable, the pillar in evo4 is half the size in evo5 etc. So unfortunately, its not not just as “attach to null and zero out” thing.

Nonetheless. First goal is to make stuff minimal/clear enough. Last time there was too much going on. Too much floating etc.

Once the scene is rendered out, color and texture can be added (flares, particles etc)

Yes, there are buttons/outlines/links missing, but you guys deserve to see what im working on.









Have some mega important things I gota get done now. Will be back on this on Tuesday.