I’ve posted up the original video we had since I realized it wasn’t up here.  I also want to use it as a reference for the face frame part that Kevin is working on.

Kevin: I think you have a good start, but it needs to be pushed further.  Right now, nothing develops between the first time the animation appears on his face and the end of it, so the audience doesn’t get a sense of progression, or that this action is measuring…working to do something, rather then just appearing.  In our original video, although a simple grid, the grid starts out broad, then zeros in on the section of his face where his eyes are, all in the 2-4 second range we have to work with.  My line of thinking was anyone could be standing up to this machine, so how does it pinpoint the facial information it needs when all faces are different- hence, the first outlining grid going over the full face, then from there it can begin to focus in on his eyes.

So in terms of the animation, think:

-general mapping to honing in on the eye

-visual progression and development over the few seconds (adds to the cool factor as well)

-ways to make it looks less flat