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Apologize for being MIA been a real busy past several weeks for me and this is the first weekend I’ve actually had time to work on this.

So far I have only been able to work on the face scan and will start to work on the eye animation. The color for the face scan can be changed/tweaked once we have the look and feel of the interface so that it can match.

btw the store looks great Michael.


Nice first pass on lights! I agree that 33 is the best one and I agree with El that the store is too dark.

I would try to increase the intensity or play with the falloff of the light. I took the screenshot into photoshop and just played with the Levels which brought a nice falloff of the light near the chairs. Have to keep in mind that light bounces off things, so to have areas in our scene where its just pure black makes it seem like theres a deep void where our walls are :]

What might help is try turning on GI and see how the scene looks like that. Then turn off GI and try to mimic what you saw witihout GI. (Not sure if this actually works or if it will look better with GI on or not, but worth a shot?).


Here are some reference images as well (lighting is a tricky beast…):


UPDATE 2: Added the rest of the eyes

UPDATE: Added the other eye

What do you guys think about this? I’m still working on other ones but just wanted to post this one to show you guys

Just some images I came across while looking for inspiration.


Also, Paul told me about this App which I thought could be a feature for our eyes.

Did a quick look at some interface looks. Most/all of these were referenced from Prologue’s site