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Hey El and Kevin.  I’ve been trying to fix the flickering glass problem, and may have actually gotten rid of most or all of it.  I didn’t want to mess with the aliasing settings to increase render time, so I just did a lot of experimenting with the texture itself and the actual model of the column.  Here is what I’ve landed on.  I’ll render some of the other scenes that have a moving camera using the new settings to see if the fix works on them to.




I got curious and looks like it happens again.  Same background, different Emily though between what we had in the old render and the new clips.  Nothing should have changed between the two from then and now, just the interface.

I looked at the old and the new postings, and what changes in size is actually emily.  It’s still all the same camera view.  Here is the comparison:


In our old vid, Emily seems to be in proper proportion to the pillar and the rest of the clips.  In the new interface shot, the back ground is the same still, but Emily has decided to have more Mcdonald’s, and doesn’t fit.  So she either got resized somehow, maybe scaled up some by accident or something? cause the background hasn’t changed from then till now.

I’ve posted up the original video we had since I realized it wasn’t up here.  I also want to use it as a reference for the face frame part that Kevin is working on.

Kevin: I think you have a good start, but it needs to be pushed further.  Right now, nothing develops between the first time the animation appears on his face and the end of it, so the audience doesn’t get a sense of progression, or that this action is measuring…working to do something, rather then just appearing.  In our original video, although a simple grid, the grid starts out broad, then zeros in on the section of his face where his eyes are, all in the 2-4 second range we have to work with.  My line of thinking was anyone could be standing up to this machine, so how does it pinpoint the facial information it needs when all faces are different- hence, the first outlining grid going over the full face, then from there it can begin to focus in on his eyes.

So in terms of the animation, think:

-general mapping to honing in on the eye

-visual progression and development over the few seconds (adds to the cool factor as well)

-ways to make it looks less flat


Here are most of the scenes rendered out as a screen shot to get a feel for how the overall store feels and what it’s like from shot to shot.  Looks like there are a few hot spots I might try to adjust, but overall, this is pretty much what it would look like at a full render out (minus the moving).  Way different from the dark store we had before.  I’m really wondering how the people are going to look in this new setting.  Thoughts?

On a side note, I would really appreciate if you guys at least gave a weekly update on where you are with your sides of the work.  Even if you are busy, just at least post, “I was busy this week”.  That way I at least know a little of what’s going on out there instead of wondering where everything else is at this point.  So let’s get some better communication going.  Thanks.



So after taking into consideration what some people said (they liked the floor in the dusk ones but thought that the window was too overpowering etc.) I’ve made a version that tries to incorporate the best from both versions.  It has a white and gloss floor, bright and clean atmosphere with soft details in textures and shadows.