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none of these are done. positions of keep changing as I work on this thing as I try to keep it as consistent as possible. The main problem is that the pillar changes in size from scene to scene. Although not immediately noticeable, the pillar in evo4 is half the size in evo5 etc. So unfortunately, its not not just as “attach to null and zero out” thing.

Nonetheless. First goal is to make stuff minimal/clear enough. Last time there was too much going on. Too much floating etc.

Once the scene is rendered out, color and texture can be added (flares, particles etc)

Yes, there are buttons/outlines/links missing, but you guys deserve to see what im working on.









Have some mega important things I gota get done now. Will be back on this on Tuesday.



so…. much work to be done. i’ve been simplifying the graphics a lot.

the actors move really fast and as it was pointed out, it was way too hard to follow everything on the screen!

im not adding any color until i know what the background looks like.

this is what i have so far. hope to have more tomorrow.

finally got some time off of my other two jobs. back to this.
the face has been cleaned up. color adjustments will be made during compositing. Plan for the next 4 days: interface. woohoo.

I will be sending you a link to the actual video as soon as my dropbox updates (in case you want to see it in better quality than youtube).
Color editing is obviously temporary. We’ll see how keying goes.